Lead Them or Fall: Expectations on Dragon Age: Inquisition

The release of Dragon Age: Inquisition is getting closer and closer, and with every bit of additional information released on the subject, my anticipation grows greater. It is the third major installment in a franchise that had a huge impact on role-playing games and also interactive storytelling, and shifted my preferences in fantasy role-playing games.

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It’s Raining War Machines: My experience with Titanfall

I’m not an especially seasoned FPS-player. I’ve played a lot of shooters overall, even enjoyed a lot of them, but in essence, a first-person shooter is a near-perfect opposite of my game of choice: the experience leans on reflexes, intuition and precision in your actions, while I usually prefer games such as turn-based strategy or tactics games where you have all the time in the world to plan out your next move, and if you fail, it is not because you were too slow or clicked in the wrong spot (usually), but because your more or less carefully developed plan didn’t work out. Despite this, I’ve come to love Titanfall in the brief time I’ve been playing it.

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Wake the Dragon: How to enjoy Skyrim

A couple of weeks ago, I got back into playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, after a hiatus of a couple of years. I initially stopped playing because the game, for some reason, seemed to lack something that, back in the day, made it impossible for me to pull myself free from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, which is one of the best games I’ve ever played. This time around, I’ve been able to remain interested in the breezy world of Skyrim much better than even the first time around, and I’ve even figured out why.

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E3 2014 Day 0 Aftertaste

I finished watching the first day of this year’s E3 Expo several hours ago (then I went to sleep, since it was 6AM in Finland at the time it ended), through IGN‘s webstream. In total, I was left with a feeling of a fun, entertaining day, but lacking something that would’ve made it remarkable. To be entirely honest, I’m glad I wasn’t there in person – I would’ve been majorly disappointed in what the Day Zero presentations had to offer.

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Revelations: Why Resident Evil 6 wasn’t as bad as 5

I recently read an article on VG247 about Resident Evil 7 being expected to make an appearance at the imminent E3 expo (the article in question can be found here.) Something quite trivial caught my eye very early in the text:

“Resident Evil 7 has popped its (mutated, glaring) head around the corner, and suddenly we’re back on the same old emotional roller coaster. How can Capcom avoid another Resident Evil 6 disaster?”

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SITE NEWS: Introduction


I am a 25-year old Finnish male, and I have started this blog mainly for my own amusement, and as an outlet for a lot of opinions and ponderings I have, mostly regarding video games but also occasionally other stuff. I did, however, have in mind a theme of general nerdiness and just simply entertainment that I enjoy or, in some cases, do not enjoy.

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