SITE NEWS: Plans for Future Content

It’s once again been a while since my last blog post, unsurprisingly mostly due to limited time to both write and to gather material for it. However, I’m intending to remedy that in the near future by changing the concept of my core posts, at least for a while.

The idea actually came from my wife. Even being an enthusiastic gamer, I still don’t have a current-generation gaming console, since our little family can’t afford to buy it at once. Instead, we’re saving up for it, and in the meantime, I’ve made a list of all the existing PS3 and PS Vita games that I already own but haven’t played too much (or at all) yet. I’ve started hunting for Trophies in those games, aiming for the Platinum with any games that have one.

So my wife suggested I start writing a “Trophy hunt diary”, and since this blog has been afflicted by a drought for quite a while now, I thought it would be a great way to add content on a regular basis. It would also be something a bit different, since nearly all of these would be older games, ones that others besides myself might have missed or forgotten about. It would also encourage me to work on the backlog of games I have, while waiting for the opportune time to buy a new console.

Since it takes me quite a bit of time to achieve all Trophies for a given game, it’s very unlikely I’d ever be able to put out weekly entries. Instead, I’m going to publish one every month, and in case I have material for other blog posts, those will be written and published in the intervals. These Trophy journals would, however, be the core structure for my future content, making everything else essentially “extra” that would flesh out the blog.

I don’t have an exact time for my first post in this “backlog project”, but it will be sometime in the near future.