Backlog Project: The Wolf Among Us

The widely recognized storytelling adventures by TellTale Games are, for most, one of those things that you enjoy greatly once or twice, but due to how specialized they are as games and how similar they are to each other, you’ll almost certainly reach saturation point and drop out after that. I personally played the first and second season of The Walking Dead a couple years back, and save for checking out the intro to both The Wolf Among Us and Tales from the Borderlands, I didn’t feel the need to experience their games again. Finally, after enough time had passed, I felt like I wanted to give it another shot with The Wolf Among Us.

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Backlog Project: DmC – Devil May Cry

The odd alternate timeline title in the Devil May Cry series is one of the most pure “backlog” titles for me so far: I got it for free on PlayStation Plus years ago, but being under the impression it was no god, I never touched it. Recently though, as I browsed through my download list for some backlog games to play, I decided to give it a spin – and I’m glad I did.

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