Backlog Project: Spider-Man – Shattered Dimensions

Thanks to superhero games traditionally being garbage (and Spider-Man being a prime example in most cases), I don’t think I ever really even noticed the existence of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. Thanks to numerous fellow gamers online recommending it, however, I went back to play it. I might have had a different experience due to how late I was and how much I heard about it in advance, but I feel I managed to form an authentic opinion on it in the end.

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Backlog Project: Oddworld – Stranger’s Wrath

Thanks to the current trend of remastering and re-releasing older games for current-generation consoles, I’ve had the opportunity to go back even further than the PlayStation 3 generation for some of my backlog games. I’ve been a fan of the Oddworld series from the bat, loving both Abe’s Oddysee and especially Abe’s Exoddus, but I wasn’t impressed by Munch’s Oddysee and for a number of reasons (like not having an Xbox), I never got around to playing Stranger’s Wrath. Happily, I managed to rectify that on the PlayStation Vita.

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