Backlog Project: Crysis

You know how sometimes you have a really positive opinion on something, and years later you go back to it and find yourself as disappointed as Hercules in that notorious outtake? That happened to me with Crysis. I played all three of them, and although I liked the sequels, I always thought they had lost some of the magic, and didn’t quite measure up to the original. As it turns out, they were way better games, but the fact that the first one did something new made it feel so much better in my mind.

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Backlog Project: Far Cry 3

I’m by no means a specialist in first-person shooters, and only once in a great while I even find interest in playing those kinds of games. My aversion is alleviated by mixing the gameplay with something else, making it feel less like a war simulation and more like a different video game altogether, that just happens to play like a war simulation. I also enjoy single-player games more than multiplayers, and as many FPS games lean towards the multiplayer culture, I often feel like those games aren’t meant for me. That’s why shooters with clear emphasis on the single-player experience are much more interesting to me.

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