The Buried Story: The Art of Supplemental Storytelling

Ever since the days of Resident Evil on the original PlayStation, I’ve been a sucker for a video game’s ability to tell stories beyond the narrative right in front of you. Many mediums, such as movies, comics or even traditional literature, have the theoretical ability to sneak in tales about people or locations that aren’t relevant to the main narrative, but video games have a decisive advantage in the extent to which this can be done. Continue reading


Backlog Project: Resident Evil

This one isn’t actually even a backlog game, since I loved the original Resident Evil all the way back when it came out on the PlayStation, and the remake on GameCube became one of my favorite games ever. So essentially this is just me going back to one of my beloved titles once more, this time hunting for Trophies.

Continue reading

Backlog Project: Dead Space

I seldom find interest in playing horror games, for two cardinal reasons: In my experience they’re rarely actually scary due to how much easier it is to stuff them with cheap jump-scares and repulsive gore, and they tend to be subpar in terms of actual gameplay. After letting go of the hope that modern Resident Evil games would attempt to remind me why I loved the first few games, I essentially began ignoring the entire genre of horror games. It wasn’t until a few months ago that this was changed by a game I overlooked for years. Continue reading

Living Things: How Capcom is doing right by Resident Evil

The Resident Evil franchise turns 20 years old this March, and the series has seen its share of ups and downs over these two decades. I unsuccessfully predicted the appearance of Resident Evil 7 as far back as E3 2014, and by now I’m almost embarrassed that said game has still not been announced. As it turns out, Capcom had different plans for the franchise, and while it’s still safe to assume there will be another “core” entry in the series, there’s much more to Resident Evil than just that these days. Continue reading

Choose Your Own Adventure: Player-Influenced Narratives

With the exponential evolution of narration and story development in video games since the turn of the millennium, the gaming community has grown more sophisticated and demanding in terms of storytelling. Arguably, the most severe criticism hits games where there’s more than one possible way the game can play out – in other words, games that feature some sort of choice available to the player. Continue reading

Harmony of Despair: How Konami Stumbles Out of the Video Game Industry

Many of my favorite games and franchises are products of the well-known Japanese game developer, Konami. At a certain point in time, I even considered myself a Konami fan. However, some recent developments and revelations look like they will result in me withdrawing my affection for them, as well as them being pushed out of the greater video game market scene – partly voluntarily, partly consequentially. Continue reading