Backlog Project: Rayman Origins

Sidescrollers and 2D platformers are a genre I feel I know rather well, and I might even say it’s one of my favorite game types out there – particularly if you exclude the countless subpar shoestring-budget games that tried to capitalize on the genre’s nostalgic surge of popularity. I’m usually pretty good at determining very quickly whether or not a sidescroller is going to be good, based on its platforming mechanics, its visual design, and the level layout. Sometimes, however, I run into a curveball that isn’t quite so simple to judge.

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Backlog Project: Far Cry 3

I’m by no means a specialist in first-person shooters, and only once in a great while I even find interest in playing those kinds of games. My aversion is alleviated by mixing the gameplay with something else, making it feel less like a war simulation and more like a different video game altogether, that just happens to play like a war simulation. I also enjoy single-player games more than multiplayers, and as many FPS games lean towards the multiplayer culture, I often feel like those games aren’t meant for me. That’s why shooters with clear emphasis on the single-player experience are much more interesting to me.

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E3 2014 Day 0 Aftertaste

I finished watching the first day of this year’s E3 Expo several hours ago (then I went to sleep, since it was 6AM in Finland at the time it ended), through IGN‘s webstream. In total, I was left with a feeling of a fun, entertaining day, but lacking something that would’ve made it remarkable. To be entirely honest, I’m glad I wasn’t there in person – I would’ve been majorly disappointed in what the Day Zero presentations had to offer.

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